The Daihatsu Kopen (Future Included) RMZ / XMZ (Japanese: ダイハツ コペン RMZ/XMZ, Daihatsu Kopen Aruemuzetto / Ekkusuemuzetto) is a limited edition Racing Mini 4WD car set produced by Tamiya and distributed by Daihatsu in December 2013. The set was based on the Concept K cars of the same name by Daihatsu. Both the RMZ and XMZ would later release individually a year later as the regular Mini 4WD car kits. General info The set includes one chassis and two different bodyshells: one for the RMZ and one for the XMZ. The Kopens featuring the two-seater convertible body designs that were based on the first-generation Copen. They has the triangular headlamps, the curve vertical sub-headlamp and the horizontal rear lamps. They has the large nose tip air intakes on the front. On the XMZ bodyshell, there's the additional gray parts, making it more sporty than the RMZ's. The RMZ is mainly in blue, while the XMZ is mainly in metallic green. The set has the silver, small-diameter 5-spoke Saber-type wheels paired with the black low-profile slick tires. The chassis frame and A parts were molded in black. About the Daihatsu Kopen RMZ and XMZ The Daihatsu Kopen RMZ and the XMZ concept cars were unveiled during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept cars has the special chassis frame, known as the D-frame, which allows owners to customize their cars by swapping the plastic outer shells (except for the doors). The mass-production models, the Copen Robe and Copen XPlay, went into production in 2014, with the Robe in June and the XPlay in November.

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