Clearly a Front-Runner This Mini 4WD racer kit is a special version of the Avante Jr., which features the body molded in lightweight clear plastic. A lighter-weight body not only means a lower center of gravity, it also lets you see the inner workings of your Mini 4WD car! Clear body parts and clear type stickers are included to round off the kit. VS Chassis The lightweight VS chassis features a short wheelbase and air ducts on the base to enable cooling of the motor; it, along with the rear roller stay, is molded in white polycarbonate ABS. The hinged front and battery covers are finished in a bright yellow. Lightweight black narrow large-diameter wheels are paired with yellow arched hard tires, and the unit is decked out with 16mm front rollers. Comes with 4.2:1 speed gear. Specifications ★Length: 145mm ★Width: 88mm ★Includes motor ★Snap-together easy assembly Separately Required Items ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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