Green and Gold Racer G'day Mini 4WD fans! This assembly kit creates the Koala Racer, a fun car with open top body and finished Koala Racer figure ready for attachment. Australia-esque themes are on display, with the wedge-shaped body molded in yellow-green ABS, and stickers included in the kit to create colorful decorations including images of a blue sky. The VS chassis and other parts are given complementary color schemes to round off the look. Packaging Image ★This racy model features a large rear wing and depictions of front dampers, plus an Aussie-inspired color scheme. Image ★The lightweight and compact VS chassis is given a complementary color scheme, as are the wheels and tires. Image ★The simply adorable Koala Racer figure is pre-assembled and painted, with delectable rosy cheeks! VS Chassis The VS chassis is a lightweight chassis featuring a short wheelbase. Chassis and rear roller stay are molded in white ABS resin, while A parts such as 16mm rollers are blue-green ABS, narrow, lightweight wheels are yellow, and large-diameter arched tires are green. Motor and 5:1 gears are included. Specifications ★Length: 146mm ★Width: 88mm ★Height: 53mm ★Includes motor ★Easy snap-together assembly Separately Required Items ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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