Evolved Super XX Chassis Featuring a specially-designed large FRP panel for enhanced rigidity, 2mm thick Carbon Fiber Rear Stay, 19mm blue Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers, 3 types of blue aluminum collars, FRP Multi Roller Setting Stay, Mass Dampers, and other high-performance parts offering this chassis kit great racing potential. Furthermore, it also includes blue Hard Arched Tires with special white markings mounted on Narrow Large Diameter Carbon Fiber Wheels. Gear Ratio=4:1. Kit includes 3 types of blue aluminum spacers (5mm, 6mm, 6.7mm). Blue hard arched tires with white markings are mounted on narrow large diameter carbon fiber wheels. White ABS resin chassis features a great strength. Battery holder, gear cover, and motor cover are made with clear blue ABS resin. Also comes with mass dampers. 19mm blue aluminum ball-race rollers feature a greater durability and have white markings imprinted. Rear stay is made of 2mm thick carbon fiber plate. Specifications ●Length: 159mm ●Width: 103mm ●Snap-on easy assembly Separately Required Items ●R6/AA/UM3 Batteries (x2) ●Type 130 Motor ●Body

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