The Dash-1 Emperor Type 3 Special Kit Limited Edition Mini 4WD Item produced by Tamiya in 1/32 scale assembly kit, is classified in Mini 4WD / Kids - Mini 4WD Series - Racing Mini 4WD About the model Dash-1 Emperor (Type 3 Chassis) Special Kit Limited Edition Mini 4WD Classic Emperor body style makes a comeback in this special value set, which includes an extra Dash-2 Burning Sun body shell. Air intake above cockpit and exhaust pipes have been kept to remain true to the car&39;s original form. This limited edition of the Dash-1 Mini 4WD along with reinforced polycarbonate ABS chassis, it comes with two bodies and two sets of stickers; Emperor Type III and Dash-2 Burning Sun. These retro style bodies will give long-time fans a bit of nostalgia. Comes with guidelines showing how to make the body lighter. Specifications: Length: 152mm, Width: 92mm, Height: 52.8mm. Motor included. Package comes with classis Manga illustrations. Reinforced polycarbonate ABS chassis. MINI 4WD KITS REQUIRE: (unless stated differently above) Battery: 2AA Paint: Optional Misc. Items: Basic building tools

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