Good Day for a Drive! This assembly kit creats the Koala Racer GT, an exciting Mini 4WD car that features a dynamic, classic body molded in clear plastic to really show off the included Koala Racer driver figure. The model is basde upon the highly stable FM-A chassis, molded in soft green and yellow, inspired by Australia's national colors. Metallic stickers are included in the kit to decorate the car, as are a Torque-Tuned 2 motor and 3.7:1 gears. Hard, low-profile tires are paired with black wheels. Packaging ★See the model from another angle, letting you admire the combination of elegant body and vibrant color scheme. ★The FM-A chassis is molded in soft green plastic, paired with yellow A parts and tires - Australia's national colors. ★The oh-so-cute Koala Racer figure comes pre-assembled and painted, ready to perch in the driver's position! ★The Torque-Tuned 2 motor provides superior torque, great for ups and downs. 3.7:1 gears are included. ★Here is the Torque-Tuned 2 motor which appears in the Mini 4WD Koala Racer GT kit. ★This image shows the car with separately sold Grade-Up Parts installed. FM-A: Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that - thanks to its center of gravity toward the front - is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with a low-friction front skid bar, while the chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Aircraft-inspired aero side stays allow attachment of a range of Grade-Up parts. Specifications ★Length: 156mm ★Width: 97mm ★Height: 38mm ★Includes Torque-Tuned 2 motor ★Easy snap-together assembly Separately Required Items ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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