The JR HG Side Ext Roller Mount- Carbon/Rear produced by Tamiya, is classified in Mini 4WD / Kids - Mini 4WD Spare Parts - Front / Rear / Side Stay Set The HG Carbon Side Extension Roller Mount allows you to easily set up your Mini 4WD&39;s rollers up to 104mm and features easy to follow markings. Specs & Features Carbon Extension Roller Mounts are 3mm thick and 25% of the layers are carbon. Two sets of rear wide plates. A maximum width of 104mm can be made with 9, 13, 17, and 19mm rollers. 2x12mm Screws x 5pcs. 2mm Washer (2x6x0.4mm) x 9pcs. 2mm Nut (Nickel plated) x 5pcs. Can be used with Mini 4WD PRO machines.

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