A New Ace This assembly kit creates the Jadow A, an exciting new Mini 4WD model which depicts a car seen in the popular Japanese Mini 4WD comic MINI 4 KING. The sleek, fighter aicraft-esque body is sure to catch the eye, and comes with dedicated parts molded in clear red plastic: a rear hi-mount roller stay and front under stabilizers. Three types of height roller are included, and are at a 2mm highter position than standard for great stability. The car is based upon the compact VZ chassis, with slike tires and dish type wheels, plus stickers for decoration included. ★This rear view gives a nice look at the dedicated hi-mount rollers. The black and red color scheme is a real winner, too! ★Side guard stabilizers are an extra line of defense, helping your car stay on-track even if its rollers get caught on the fence. ★Have a look at how the rear hi-mount rollers work to keep your car in good shape through sections where it goes airborne. ★Left: Under stabilizers on the front bumper nudge the car back if it hits the fence, for a more stable drive. ★Right: Height rollers are dedicated parts for this model - 2mm higher than on other cars, they help suppress lean. VZ Chassis The VZ chassis is a compact and lightweight design that features reinforced designs for bumper, rear stay base and more ensuring that it has the durability and flexibility to withstand racing accidents. It is also a rather adaptable unit that lets its owner make numerous updates to the setup. Low friction 620 plastic bearings are molded in POM and maximize drive efficiency, while the chassis and A parts are molded in ABS. 4.2:1 gears are included. Specifications ★Length: 158mm ★Width: 98mm ★Height: 43mm ★Includes motor ★Easy snap-together assembly Separately Required Items ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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