DESCRIPTION Tuning up your Mini 4WD car can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know where to start! This set includes a number of standard race-oriented Grade-Up parts that is a great first step in tweaking the VZ chassis, particularly for newcomers to the hobby. • FRP Wide Front Plate (for VZ Chassis) x2 – these lightweight FRP plates are for use front and rear, and allow attachment of 9mm, 13mm and 19mm rollers. • Adjustable Mass Damper Weights (2.5g) x4 – choose how many of these weights to use in adjusting the lightweight VZ chassis setup. • 13mm Low-Friction Rollers – these plastic parts will provide slick rotation for minimal speed loss. • Includes stabilizer ball caps, screws and other parts for attachment of the components in this set. • Compatible with VZ chassis cars.

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