DESCRIPTION These screws have black metal plating for a stylish look. The set includes an assortment of 2mm screws as well as 2mm lock nuts and washers which are often used on Mini 4WD machines. Compatible with Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO machines. Set Contents • 2x40mm Screw x2 • 2x30mm Screw x2 • 2x25mm Screw x4 • 2x20mm Screw x4 • 2x15mm Screw x4 • 2x12mm Screw x4 • 2x10mm Screw x6 • 2x8mm Screw x8 • 2x6mm Screw x4 • 2x5mm Screw x6 • 2mm Lock Nut x4 • 2mm Nut x20 • Large Washer x20 • Small Washer x10 • Spring Washer x8 • 6mm Alu. Spacer x4 • 3mm Alu. Spacer x6 • 1.51mm Alu. Spacer x6

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