JR HG MULTI ROLL SETTING STAY DESCRIPTION This is a Limited-Edition Japan Cup 2019 carbon fiber stay. Use it to boost performance and give your car a new look! You can install either 9mm, 13mm, or 19mm roller bearings with this Multi Roller Setting Stay. It can be installed to either the front or rear of your Mini 4WD machine. • 1.5mm-thick Carbon Fiber Stay x1 • New shape enhances durability without sacrificing adaptability. • Carbon fiber is a lightweight and rigid option for superior performance. • Features stylish carbon fiber surface pattern, and J-Cup/Tamiya print in Gold. • Attachment holes are included for 9mm, 13mm and 19mm rollers. • Holes for mass dampers and brake parts at furthest rearward positions expand setup options. • Compatible with MA, MS, FM-A, AR, Super-II, Super XX, Super X, Super TZ-X, and VS Chassis machines (some chassis/bodies may require modification). USA

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