This is a high-performance Mini 4WD motor with enhanced durability as it uses a carbon brush. In addition to outstanding top speed, this high-performance motor demonstrates sharp dashing power even on a continuous corner track set up or tracks with steep uphill slopes. Proper Voltage 2.4-3.0V Recommended Torque Load 1.4-1.9,N.m RPM*24000-27500r/Min Current Consumption*4.0-5.0A *Values at Recommended Torque Load Always apply grease to gears and shaft receiving area. The best performance comes out after running a certain period Do not hinder rotation of the wheels by force Do not touch motor directly after operation as it gets very hot. Always remove the batteries after use Use with a metal pinion gear from 8T Metal & Plastic Pinion Gear Set Item:15289 to ensure effective transmission of motor revolution Use of Ni-Cd Batteries is reccommended for better performance

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