Reach for the Stars! This assembly kit creates the Cosmosonic, a speedy Mini 4WD car with an aerodynamically sculpted body and distinctive rear wing and inspired by a stable of previous Sonic Mini 4WD models. It is based upon the front motor FM-A chassis, with small diameter low-profile tires and yellow A-spoke wheels providing a nice accent for the predominantly red body sections created using metallic stickers. The car will be familiar to readers of the Mini 4WD comic "Let's & Go!! Return Racers!!" where it is driven by protagonist Retsu Seiba. ★The flowing Cosmosonic body features strong design themes from previous Sonic Mini 4WD cars. Paint with TS-26 Pure white as desired. ★Black is the color of choice for the FM-A chassis and its A parts in this model. A-spoke wheels are molded in yellow for a splash of color. ★Why not pair the Cosmosonic with other FM-A chassis cars such as the Great Magnum R, pictured behind it here and also a car from "Let's & Go!!" FM-A: Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that - thanks to its center of gravity toward the front - is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with a low-friction front skid bar and four rollers including highly stable 8mm thickness rear rollers. The chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Aircraft-inspired aero side stays allow attachment of a range of Grade-Up parts. The chassis is molded in durable ABS, with low friction A parts such as underpanel, all in matching black. The model includes 3.5:1 gears. Packaging Specifications ★Length: 156mm ★Width: 97mm ★Height: 43mm ★Includes motor ★Easy snap-together assembly Separately Required Items ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

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